Violin Lessons

Violin; Viola is the smallest member of the string family, which includes cello and double bass, and is a 4-string instrument like the other instruments in the family. The name of the strings is Sol-Re-La-Mi from thick to thin.

Violin makers of the 16th and 17th centuries Nicola Amati, Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Guiseppe Guarneri and Antonio Stradivarius gave the Violin its final shape. Unlike its old form, it reached its present form after the 19th century.

Since it is an instrument that is used both horizontally and vertically, it operates many functions of the brain at the same time. It contributes to the strengthening of memory as it strengthens the connections between neurons in the brain.

The left hand is actively used while holding the violin, and the right hand is actively used to use the bow. Therefore, playing the violin also contributes positively to the strengthening of hand-arm muscles and physical development.

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